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Paltalk Bans:
There is a lot off different bans you can be given and not all red admins can give the same bans, all the info below was found by us by getting our self's banned to get this info and we are still on Paltalk so it can be done and its not hard

24 Hour Room Bans
This Ban can be given by a room admin most basic ban on Paltalk upon a room admin giving this ban 2 you your Paltalk name (Your Screen Name) is recorded and your windows product id found in your reg at this location for widows PC Not NT
then under the String Value (ProductID) By deleting the product id and pdID and logging on a name that u were not banned on you can go back in the room you were banned in

1 Day Bans From All Groups
You will get this one if you are bounced 2 many times from rooms around Paltalk this Ban Works the same way as the one above Just Do the same and you can go back in any group

1 Day Red Ban
These Ban Can only be given by a red admin palhelp and up this ban is just a reg key that gets added 2 your Reg very cunning for Paltalk as it is put in a place and called notepad so it looks like its got nothing 2 do with Paltalk the reg key is
all get out off this ban just remove the keys out off the reg then just log on as a name you were not banned on

1 to 99 day bans + 1 Million hours ban
This 2 my surprise can only be given by co-admins and higher and works the exact same way as the one above but different stings in the keys now do the same way as above

Indefinite Ban
With this ban u will get a popup MSG box saying you account has been banned for inappropriate use and only has an OK button when you click it Paltalk closes to get around this just do the same thing u would do for 24 hour room bans and 1 day Red Ban and change your name to one you were not banned with and you are back on this ban can only be given by a Paltalk Co-Admin and higher you will get a Paltalk closing box come up if you get given this ban when you are still on Paltalk the Co-Admins or higher can put what they want in this box most off the time you will just get nothing but if you piss them off they will put some thing in there

519 Ban
The 519 ban 2 my Knowledge this is the strongest ban in the Paltalk artillery and if you have a static IP you fucked lol this is the IP log ban and 2 get out off this one u need to do the same u would do for all the bans and MAKE A NEW NAME this ban can only be given by a Paltalk full admin like PaltalkAdminD (Thank you AdminD for giving in mod for a 519 ban)

Deleted Account
This is not a ban you don't need 2 do any thing but change name but it dose not Del your account just put it on block so you can not log on it I think Co- Admins and higher can give this not sure if it is only higher

Talk With Red Dot
We get asked about this one the most I get PM`s from peeps asking me when I do it on a room raid how it is don't it is simple just open a Paltalk PM with your self you will need to add your self to your buddy list them just put some text in and press enter till you get a popup MSG as shown below then you use the right click on the Paltalk chat window you will need to be in the room when you do this and do not click on the OK button till you have been bounced you will not see the red dot on your screen but the others will and you will not she if you get bounced you will not be able 2 see your PM`s or if any new peeps enter the room (WHEN YOU CLICK OK YOUR PALTALK WILL CLOSE) but you will not have a ban you can log strait back on with the same name

Paltalk Extra Info

Paltalk Closing
You can get a Paltalk closing MSG come up with no ban this is 2 keep you off Paltalk so they can do something 2 your account or if they just want 2 piss you off lol Paltalk do have a sense of humour

Reading PM`s
Only full Paltalk admins can do this they can read PM`s between you and your friends but in Paltalk`s defense they only do this to stop peeps sending Trojans and I don't mind them monitoring my PM`s as I encrypt mine with Paltalk encoder (HINT HINT)

Paltalk Rules
I will soon have all the Paltalk rules up not the rules we have to go bye but the Palsurpport and palhelp so you will know how 2 avoid being bounced we got them bye going in the PTU this is the Paltalk Uni this is found in the Misc. group the password was professor but its been changed this is all so were all the palhelp and support hold there meeting's every 2 weeks

Block A Red
If you put a red on block you will get told by a MSG box that you can not block this name and the palperson that you blocked will got a popup MSG telling them who blocked them

The Anti Bounce 2

This program was made by H2k this is in no way part of the anti bounce program made by the Mexican cracker this is for all Paltalk vertions able 2 log on Paltalk severs with as Paltalk have not changed how there ban works but I have been told there working on it and there working on a new ban in the ab2.zip found on the downloads page there is 2 other files found in side pab.exe and ab1.exe pab is for any red admin ban the ab1 is for making Paltalk think its just been installed(you will lose your old name out off the list so remember the password) helpful for if you want to start all over again with a new name name I use it if I get a 519 just in case and the ab2 a seen below you must edit the code and press set then log on with a name that was not banned and you can go back in a room you were banned from.